Sep 01

Social Media Sites Are a Writer’s Best Friends

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The days when a writer could just hand an article off to an editor and be finished with it are gone. With the internet comes social media. Now an article must “perform.” In other words, an article must bring traffic. An editor needs to know that there are eyes looking at an article.

How can a writer ensure that an article gets traffic? One way is by using social media sites. Let’s start by looking at what the two biggies, Facebook and Twitter can do for you as a writer. Take Facebook, which has 750 million users globally, and 50 percent of Facebook’s active users log on every day. If you are already on Facebook, then you know how much time some people spend reading their news feed. Why shouldn’t your articles and blog posts not be part of what your Facebook friends’ news feed?

Facebook has an application so you can set up a feed to automatically post links to new content on your website, or any website you write for. How easy is that to do?

Now let’s look at Twitter, which has 56 million users. With Twitter, you can follow fellow users who have the same interests that you write about. For instance, one of the topics I write about frequently is the environment. I became fans of environmental organizations and sustainable companies.

There are social media sites whose soul purpose is to allow users to share their favorite links. The sites I use the most are Reddit and Stumble Upon. They really do help increase website traffic.

What are you waiting for? Start using social media sites to market yourself as a writer!

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