Apr 05

How to Write for the Internet and Not Lose Readers

In previous posts, I discussed how to promote your business with the internet, and the importance of content for achieving Google ranking. Perhaps you are now wondering how to write good content for the internet. Here are four tips for internet writing:

1.  Just like a good article, a good blog post should answer the five w’s and h (the six friends): who, what, why, where, when, and how. Before you start writing a post, answer the six friends. Then decide which one is the most important and begin your post by answering it.

2.  As you write the first paragraph, keep in mind that people have limited attention spans. You must grab their attention with the first paragraph, otherwise they will either scan the rest of your post at best, or at worst, stop reading it. The blog title also must grab the reader’s attention. Make it stand out. Make it scream, “Read this post!”

3.  Do not write long paragraphs for they are not visually appealing. A reader sees a long paragraph and decides not to read it. It is particularly important to keep the first paragraph short. Take a look at newspaper articles. The paragraphs are not long, particularly the first one.

4.  Limit your post to 500 words. Beyond 500 words, is too usually too much for a blog post. If you can’t limit your post to 500 words, then post it in two parts.

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