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Do you need someone to write publicity materials for your company? Gina-Marie can write press releases for you, and ghostwrite blog posts. She can also update your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you have a book about an environmental topic you would like Gina-Marie to review on her blog, Behind Current Events, feel free to contact her. She also reviews eco-friendly products.

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What Non-Natives Need to Know About Fresno

If you are new to the Fresno area, or if you are thinking of moving to Fresno, keep reading. I will tell you what you need to know to adapt. Clovis is a city next to Fresno. There is an easy way to know when you are in Clovis: the street signs change from green …

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Understanding Plastic Recycling Numbers

Are you confused by the numbers on the bottom of plastic containers? Do you think that the triangle on the bottom of a container means it is recyclable regardless of the number inside of it? Do not feel badly. I once thought the same thing. However, only numbers one and two are accepted as recyclable by the majority of garbage companies. As a writer for Earth911.org states, “PET and HDPE are the most common forms of plastic, so they are the easiest to find recycling locations for.”

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